Jail & the Junkie

Five days before Christmas I got a Facebook message from my brother’s girlfriend.  He was in jail and wanted her to bail him out.  I told her not to and she agreed she would do no such thing.  He had been going down hill since the summer and she was barely involved in his life anymore.   I hadn’t spoken to him since July when he came by my house (that my children were at) completely high.  I asked him to leave.

When I found out he was in jail I found myself happy.  I was relieved that he couldn’t stick the needle in his arm.  At least for a little while. He called me and every other person in my family daily.  He was going through withdrawal and he was in pain.  For the first time in his five-year addiction he was going clean without the aid of any maintenance drug.  My worries however were not with him.  I was worried about my father.  The man blamed himself and even though he knew that jail may very well make an impact on his son he desperately wanted to set him free.

I answered his calls twice.  Each time he was mean.  Each time he demanded that I do something for him.  I didn’t.  I wouldn’t.

He stayed in jail through Christmas and New Years’.  It was the most peaceful 3 weeks our family has had in almost five years.  No 4 am phones calls.  No slurred words.  No hidden needles found in the closet.

Since his month in jail I haven’t spoken to him.  He never calls.  I find out about him (sort of) through Facebook and my dad.   I was hoping that being in jail for a month would have shown him the way.  I guess it hasn’t though because my dad just called to tell me he’s back in the clink.  Here we go again.


One thought on “Jail & the Junkie”

  1. Hi Bro !
    Here i am in Cape Town South Africa watching the same thing happen to my brother, typed in the title of your blog this morning………
    Have to go wake him now for porridge and disipline /support/life ….no idea if he will be there !
    Four months clean and i stopped watching for a second………
    Thanks for the poetry……poignant ,true,sad,
    Not glad to know others go through this
    but thank you for posting
    Will write later again
    Have to go be “The only chance he’s got !” we do not have the same programs available here,
    Or the support.

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