My Brother is a Heroin Addict

My brother is a heroin addict.  I am not.

This is going to be my space to vent about the addiction that has overtaken our family.

Thanks for reading.


3 thoughts on “My Brother is a Heroin Addict”

  1. Thank you for sharing. My sistter is a heroin addict. And I struggle too. Some days are okay and some days I dont think the pain will ever lift. Can this really be happening I ask myself?! How did it happen?! Why did it happen?!
    I guess we can only keep our happy memories safely and pray that our siblings will one day want to live again.


  2. HI, my brother is a junkie too. I know where your comming from. Is there any way to help him without breaking the bank?; That you know of? There are state programs but they only treat for a week and either treat for drugs or mental health. we need to put him in a facility that can treat him for both. Problem being is that he does not have health insurance. My parents are talking about dumping 20k into a place for his recovery. (Wasted money if you ask me!!!) Do you have any ideas or links that i could forward to my parents to stop them from taking out a loan to pay for his bad habits?


  3. Thank you for sharing your story. My brother is an addict too and I also fear for that dreaded phone call. I hope our brothers end up to be that 16%.



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