The cycle continues…
Kicked out of rehab.
Sober for a month.
Playing with my kids.


He is no longer my brother.


2 thoughts on “Jail…Again”

  1. Despite being a social worker, the one area I have never worked in professionally is addiction/substance abuse. So I wonder, getting to this point. How does it feel? Like a relief? Pure pain? Numb? A combination of all of it? None of the above? Or is it more like a grieving process whereby it will all just continue to come and go, here and there.

    Not meaning to pry, just trying to understand and figure out how best to offer support, encouragement or just sit here quietly alongside, saying nothing at all–Which is something I can actually do, even if I am usually a “talker.”


  2. Sorry, you’ve been let down again. Although my situation is different, my brother is an alcoholic I haven’t spoken to him in years. He was in out of jail for years, homeless and we kept taking him back into the fold when he came out of rehab or prison. Until the time he punched my mom in the face. Then he went to prison for 8 years and we had peace. Because of circumstances, I did have some contact with him through mail because he wanted to make amends with the family. We were done. He mailed for a couple of years when he got out but I haven’t heard from him in probably 3 or 4 years. All except for a bill from Metro last year to my mom’s house saying that he had used their services which I sent back. He was still using my mom’s address as his. Thankfully, she’s in a nursing home now and he doesn’t know where. It’s tough when you have to write someone off.


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