16% Recovery Rate

I haven’t been around for awhile.  I cut myself and my family off from my brother and tried to move past the pain he puts our family through.

Then I watched 20/20 last week and saw my brother again.  He was the every person portrayed on their show about college heroin use that night.  The daughter was my brother.  In and out of rehab & jail, scamming her parents for money and hooked on the poppy.

I called my dad.  Turn on the TV dad.  Someone is finally shining light on this epidemic.  Three days later, my ‘clean’ brother went on a bender.  With the threat of two felony convicitions on his head, he went on a fucking bender.  He lied to my dad. Tried to scam money from him for an out of state rehab and then tried to scam a hospital.

This is what heroin fucking does.

It takes ahold of your life and doesn’t let go until your dead or in prison.  Some may get out alive but not many.

16% recover.

84% don’t.

In the back of my head I had always hoped he would make it, I had always prayed he was different than the stats.  He was stronger, he was better than the other junkies.  He could make it through this.

Now I’m not so sure.

My dad is a wreck once again.  The past 6 years of his life stolen by a disease that his son chose the second he put that needle in his arm.  He cannot walk away no matter how hard he tries.  He doesn’t see the junkie I see.  All he sees is the son he once loved so much.