Day 1: This is Heroin 

On Tuesday I found myself racing to the hospital thinking that it would be the last time I saw my brother. This is the first moment I saw him. It’s not an easy image and it was the hardest moment of my life. I put this picture up here because this is what heroin use leads to. This is not an easy image to put up here for all the world to see. People may judge. People may shake their head in disgust. But this is the reality of heroin addiction. It’s not pretty. It’s not glamourous. It’s not cool. It fucking thrives on human life and it takes no prisoners. No matter who you are. I put this image here to remind me that the moment I thought that my brother was going to die was the worst moment in my life. I put this up here because I want him to see it and never forget it. I want him to remember what it did to him. I may not be able to save my brother but I know that using my voice to talk about heroin addiction is important in this very public health crisis. I put this up here because maybe somewhere someone else’s sister thinks their brother has a drug problem and maybe this image will help someone else. I put this up here because I want him to save his own life.


12 thoughts on “Day 1: This is Heroin ”

  1. That is such a powerful image.
    I am so sorry for your brother, you and your family.
    Sending prayers for strength and whatever it takes to keep all of you keeping on.

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  2. Yes herion is a horrible drug !! My son was a 6 year herion addict has over dosed 4 times, I did and tried everything in this world to get him help!! Then this last November he came to me and ask for help. It took us almost 2 month’s to get him into a rehab, I thank God everyday he gave my son another chance. He’s been clean now for 4 months and is doing great. HERION IS A HORRIBLE DRUG. My heart goes out to you and your family.

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  3. I just came upon your blog today and I swear this could be me writing all of this. I too have a heroin-addicted brother – he has been an addict for about 15 years. He is currently in jail and his girlfriend overdosed and died just two days ago – so he won’t even be able to attend her funeral. I am so so sorry about your brother and I hope he recovers. I hope my brother recovers. I hope our families can find some peace.

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  4. You have no idea how many times I have read this entry and imagined my brother in the photo. I sincerely hope your brother is recovering. Please let us know how things are going! Still praying and sending strength your way.

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  5. I also a sister of a brother who is an addict, and watching him self-destruct… the pain is extremely hard to put in words. Sometimes pictures say more. All the strength to you, and the others who have commented here.

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  6. So thankful you wrote this. My brother is an addict too. Just found out heroin. I don’t understand. Why does he think this is okay? What can anyone do? He has too much to live for why is he doing something so deadly? Prayers. Lots of prayer. For our brothers.

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