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The struggle is real…all of it. From wondering what he is doing constantly to anticipating his next move. Never have I felt so much pain. Pain for him, my parents, for all of us.

When I used to get angry or upset, I would email Dr. Phil or the show intervention hoping that someone would he us. I did this numerous times because this was all I could control. A little over a month ago A & E shared another special called “Dopeman” and since he was in Chicago, I didn’t think it would hurt to reach out to him also.

Tim, dope man, emailed me back. At the time my brother had finally opened up and told me that he was going to be homeless.  Mind you, he is functioning and works at a job where he makes almost 100,000 a year. I couldn’t understand homeless. When Tim emailed me back I held on to every word he said. I then tried to call him because I was in panic mode thinking my brother was going to be on the streets and wouldn’t survive long. By the grace of God Tim answered when I called. He told me he would talk to my brother. In the meantime, I called a rehab facility and sent his insurance card to figure out what we could do.

Tim encouraged my brother to go to rehab for himself. I finally thought we were there…and he was ready. This had to be rock bottom, right? Because my brothers arms were so bad, he had to have them checked out before going to rehab. He went to the emergency room and it was determined that he had mersa and would eventually need plastic surgery. Again, I couldn’t wrap my head around everything that was going on. I kept telling myself that I will rejoice when he gets to rehab.

After a week in the hospital, he was released. He had to take an uber directly to the airport to get on a plane. I waited anxiously to see if he would actually do it. Hours later, he made it. Did I feel relief? Nope, not like I thought I would. I wasn’t given the chance because he continues to need my help.

He has currently been in rehab for about a week after a week of detox. I have had panic phone calls in the middle of the night and phone calls from counselors telling me they are taking him to the emergency room. I haven’t slept because I continue to think if I am not pulling for him, then who will.


It is a constant struggle…will he make it? Am in enabling him by making these phone calls for him? I have never felt more that this is truly a family disease. I guess, today, I feel that if I can go to sleep knowing that I have done everything that I can, I am ok. He is thirty-two years old and is going to need to learn how to cope without drugs on his own.


Currently I am waiting for his phone call because he has been evacuated for hurricane irma. I guess there is no place better for him to Be, but man is it hard. Hard to not worry and think about it every minute. Hard to concentrate on my job and my own family.


All I do know is that God is good…and today, so far, is a good day. He is breathing!


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